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Question 199 - Binary Tree Right Side View

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Given the root of a binary tree, imagine yourself standing on the right side of it, return the values of the nodes you can see ordered from top to bottom.

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LeetCode Series - Step by Step Explaination to solve 3Sum Question

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Given an integer array nums, return all the triplets [nums[i], nums[j], nums[k]] such that i != j, i != k, and j != k, and nums[i] + nums[j] + nums[k] == 0. Notice that the solution set must not contain duplicate triplets.

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5 Steps to Grind LeetCode Effectively with Spaced Repetition and Deliberate Exercise

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As software engineers, we dream of landing a job at a big tech company. Of course, we must go through the interview process, and the coding interview is one of them. However some of us only have a minor improvement after solving numerous of question. This article shares how to improve steadily by utilizing spaced reptition and deliberate exercise.